The point-of-experience
that puts people first.

Know every customer that walks through your door —
whether you’re a small business or an established enterprise.

Looking for a solution to help your business adapt?

Now more than ever, having the right digital channels is critical to continue serving your customers. Find out how our tools can now make it easier for you to navigate the ‘new normal’.

Know your customers.

Our approach blends proprietary technology, and the human touch to help you know your customers
— and keep them coming back.

The feeling of being
remembered is priceless

Your loyal customers are recognized the moment they enter your stores. Staff can welcome them back by name and even offer their favourite items

Allison pos 05-12-19
Allison pos 05-12-19

Loyalty has
never felt so rewarding

Successful businesses treat their customers like royalty. Customers earn points with their purchases and gain status with their visits – automatically.

customer personalization

Keep an eye on your
business from anywhere

Make data-driven decisions with advanced reporting & metrics.  See at a glance how your business is performing, no matter how many locations — from one management dashboard.

Access reports through cloud
Access reports through cloud

You’re probably
going to ask us
about our Integrations


We want to make running your business easy and that includes working with the payment processor you choose.

You’re probably
going to ask us
about our integrations


Nōwn offers integration options with top solutions in the industry to help your operations run smoothly, end-to-end.


Nōwn allows you to bring your own hardware. Reduce the cost for you to get the future of retail technology.

What does an all-in-one software look like?

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Nōwn is designed for businesses with high-frequency, loyal customer orders.


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