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Pos with screen

Point of Sale


Nōwn works on iPad or Windows and is fully cloud-based so that you can access your data and make changes from anywhere you are.

Menu Customization

Upload a spreadsheet directly to your POS, or enter new items manually to build a comprehensive menu.

Hands-Free Payments

Customers can pre-authorize payments and pay completely hands-free. No wallets needed.

Offline Mode

Keep your business running, even if your wifi goes down.

Order Display System

Front of house can simply tap to send orders to back of house instantly, all without leaving the their station.

Employee Access Permissions

Assign employees an access permission PIN number that defines what features they have access to on both the POS and in Nōwn’s back-end.

Accept Payments via Third Party Services

Enable payments from third-party delivery services like Ritual and Uber Eats.  No need to add another tablet to your counter.

Customer Experience

Customer Recognition

Nōwn recognizes your loyal customers and displays their name, picture and purchase history.

Customer Facing Display

A screen connected to your POS terminal that will face the guest during a transaction.

Mobile Pre-Orders

Customers order and pay ahead using the app. No lines necessary.

Rewards (Loyalty) Program

Customers join your rewards program and receive discounts based on the points they earn.

Gift Cards

Give your customers custom branded gift cards. Give yourself the gift of no transaction fees.

Customer Facing App

Fully integrated with your POS, the Nōwn app lets your customers view your products, order ahead, view store hours and more.


Reporting + Analytics

Nown’s reporting gathers data from every transaction, assembles it into comprehensive reports to help you analyze your business performance.

Nōwn Dash Management App

Manage all of your locations on the go with real-time reporting from Nōwn dash right on your mobile device.


Bring Your Own Hardware

We’re happy to review your current hardware to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for Nōwn. Nōwn works on iOS, Windows or Android.

Buy New Hardware Bundle

Purchase a hardware bundle from our Partners that fits your business.


Payment Processors

We want to make running your business easy and that includes working with the payment processor you choose.

Nōwn integrates with the following payment processors:

    • Global Payments
    • Moneris
    • Merrco
    • First Data


Gift Cards

Nōwn’s gift card program puts the funds in your hands. Give your customers custom branded gift cards. Give yourself the gift of no transaction fees.

Branded App

You supply your brand. We provide you with fully branded app in iOS and Android.

Loyalty Program

Customers visit your locations, order items and earn points. You surprise you with automatic discounts on future purchases to keep them coming back.

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