Why the Retail Checkout Experience is More Important Than Ever

Picture yourself shopping: you walk into a store and browse for a while, pick up a couple of things, make your way to pay — only to find a massive checkout line thanks to a slow POS system.

You’re feeling good about everything you bought, but you’re not exactly thrilled with how long the whole process took. So you will probably hesitate before returning to that store — especially when there are similar stores have that have a smoother checkout experiences. This is why the checkout stage is the most important part of the customer journey from a merchant’s perspective, as it’s your customer’s last impression of your store and when money changes hands. 

Checkout is the number 1 pain point for than 70% of surveyed consumers. So, if the majority of people are saying slow-moving checkouts is their least favorite part of in-store shopping, what can we do to make the experience more enjoyable?

Upgrade Your Tech Tools

Having an outdated, clunky POS system can slow down the checkout process, causing not only annoyed customers but also anxious employees. The right POS can help to keep the check-out experience seamless by eliminating code entry at checkout and allowing for easy and swift transactions with mobile and hands-free payments. Another perk of having an up-to-date POS is that it can give you metrics to quickly identify your peak hours so an additional staff can be scheduled during busy hours. Upgrading your POS could be the key for faster service, improving order accuracy, and accepting customers’ preferred payment methods.

Go Paperless

There are many reasons to forgo using paper, and they’re not all about saving the planet. People today have grown accustomed to online shopping where it’s easy to purchase items quickly. By using digital receipts rather than printed ones, you can cut time off of the checkout experience. Instead of waiting for receipts to print, emailing your customers receipts can help eliminate long lines and improve checkout flow. Not only does going paperless save time, but it also makes it easier to pull up returns and track purchases for customers over time.

Invest in Your Sales Staff

Some things in retail never die, like the importance of good customer service. Brick and mortar stores are a part of our culture; centers for human interaction where meaningful relationships are built. Well trained staff are a worthwhile investment; after all, they’re the people who are interacting with your customers. It’s the personable and attentive interactions customers have with your staff that make a lasting impression.

Your customers shouldn’t have to wait to pay for a product. Don’t let your sales and customer experience suffer due to a clumsy checkout experience. Your business’ checkout process should fast, frictionless and personal.

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