Battling High Staff Turnover? Here’s How to Prevent It

Improving employee engagement isn’t optional— when it comes to your company’s bottom line, it’s downright essential. When your employees are engaged, your business can benefit from higher customer satisfaction, lower turnover rates, improved productivity, and greater profits. Engaged employees tend to go that extra mile because feel they are part of something. Engagement isn’t an easily definable feeling; rather, it’s the result of multiple factors, like fair pay, positive recognition, training, workplace technology, communication, management, coworkers and so on. Therefore, you should do what you can to keep your staff happy and stay up-to-date on how they feel. 

 So what can you focus on to keep your employees engaged?

Empower Employees with Updated, Easy-to-use Technology

According to 7Shifts  Restaurant Employee Engagement Survey, Poor workplace technology is listed as one of the worst parts of being in the food industry, cited by 28% of employees. Clunky technology doesn’t make anyone’s job any easier. Since your point-of-sale (POS) system is the technological heartbeat of the business, it shouldn’t be a source of confusion and frustration for your staff. A user-friendly POS with a customizable interface will help your employees serve guests faster and provide exceptional customer experience, every time. The less friction your staff experience while doing their day-to-day tasks, the more productive and positive they’ll be at work.

Focus on Recognizing Your Employees and Customers

We know about the importance of employee engagement and the importance of customer satisfaction. But is there also a connection between the two? You’d be surprised how these two elements are deeply intertwined. Employee behavior and attitude are the most significant drivers of customer satisfaction. Your staff spread their enthusiasm to customers and are more motivated to provide the best possible service. Positive customer experiences help employees feel more optimistic about the value and purpose of their work. It’s a win-win. If you strive to be more generous giving praise it can make a huge impact on both staff and customer happiness.

Encourage Communication and Offer More Schedule Flexibility

For hourly staff, their shift schedules are among their highest worries. Employees who have more control over their schedules enjoy greater work-life balance. Empower your staff by offering streamlined methods to coordinate shift swaps and changes themselves using a scheduling software like 7shifts. Staff can use the app to request and swap shifts, which managers can approve with just a click – no need to micro-manage. 7Shifts makes it easier to get a pulse on staff morale by using automatic surveys sent after each shift that is fed directly to management and is tracked over time. If you’re focusing on the time-consuming process of scheduling, instead of building relationships and training staff, you may end up with an unmotivated staff. If you have the right tools that open up communication; it boosts transparency and creates a positive, open culture, which helps retain employees.

Happiness is contagious. By focusing on keeping your employees happy, it creates a domino effect – trickling from the employees to your customers. If employee engagement isn’t already high on your agenda, it’s time for some company soul searching. 

Nōwn is the customer recognition POS, with a customer app mobile ordering and loyalty program, that helps you truly know your customers. To learn more about how to better engage with your employees with our 7Shifts integration, contact us today.

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